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) edit : never counted ml's though.A lot of people, especially those who are new to vaping, have no idea where to start.Sometimes 3 if I'm drinking!All in all, were super excited about the Firefly.Vertx Plus touch-screen vape you can put your own liquid in it instead of pre-filled proprietary cartridges.You can get some extra accessories like a whip attachment and even a water piece whip that lets you hook it up to your water pipe.Some are better than others, some are more portable than others, and the price range varies a lot from one unit to the next.The Flowermate Mini portable vaporizer will provide a satisfactory and pleasant experience to someone who may just be starting out vaporizing herb.If you want something high end but the Firefly 2 isnt up your alley, get the Crafty.This makes the unit easily pocket-able and easy to transport.

The session wont last as long and you wont get as many draws as you would if you load herb into the oven, but I found each hit you got with the concentrate insert packed a significantly harder punch than vapor produced for dry herb.Feel free to post them in the comments below.The concentrates cartridge is coil heated in a ceramic base.The body is made from aluminum (which is extremely light and durable) and it is really simple to use. .You dont need a whip like he has, but this is the correct way to hit it to avoid burning material: Now, this unit does cost a bit more than the Vapor Genie coming in at around 119 if you buy it new, but its.Heres our video demo of the Air portable vaporizer so you can see it in action:.Most days though, I vape a lot when I wake up have my coffee and try to get myself into action (so from about 6 AM til 8 AM not including work out times.The Series 3X by V2 Pro is the last portable vape you'll need for quite a while.As for concentrates, the concentrate cart gives some of the purest flavor of ANY vape on the market.

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The Alfa by Goboof 199 from Vapor Nation Do you feel that you need to be able to hide things a little bit easier and want something with stealth while maintaining performance?If you ain't smoking the stinkies - then great!The Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer 274.99 from Paxs official website, the, pax 3 by Pax Labs, the Apple product of the vaporizer world, has a price tag to match an Apple product.Battery life is around 8 sessions per charge.This allows you to finely adjust the temperature in 1 degree increments.However, its not all that complicated and you will catch on very quickly.

With a double press of the button you can change the voltage setting for those fat clouds you love.The Crafty is a very close second to the Firefly.The Boundless CF 129 from Planet of the Vapes Want all the performance of the CFX, but you dont care about the bells and whistles like the oled screen, single degree temp control, vibration, and extra battery?Size: The Crafty is about the size of an iPhone 5, and about twice as thick.Its a little tougher to carry around in public though.Flavor Mode This mode makes the PAX 3 a conduction on-demand heating vaporizer.Mark Burton, for me it kind of changes every day. .Charlie.5ml a day, but higher nic levels 24-30mg.Yeah you will spend a little more for them, but if youre serious about vaping, you want the highest quality vapor, and you dont mind spending a little more, you definitely want to go with one of these models.Entry Level Portable Vaporizers: Entry level units are vaporizers that you get if you just want to try vaping, but dont want to break the bank.

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