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Marijuana has proven to have health benefits for more than just cancer patients.Product with many uses, one form of marijuana known as hemp can be used for various practical purposes such as fabric, rope or even bedding for animals.Legal sale would BE helpful TO young adults.And its yet to kill anyone.Improves your sex life, photo credit.Legalizing marijuana would eliminate this danger-causing problem.

While illegally purchasing marijuana, teenagers are having access to more harmful and illegal drugs.Thats why pot smokers, for the most part, are happy people.Sometimes it can be good to detox, and sometimes you have no choice because you really want that job you applied for and you know youre going to be drug tested.Its no secret that cannabis is one powerful plant.For some, medical marijuana is the only substance that can lift their suffering so they can lead manageable, happier, and more fulfilling lives.If youre having friends over and want to make special brownies, space cakes, or similar, this quick and easy cannabutter recipe is what you need.Legalizing marijuana will keep revenue in your own country where it can help your residents.Legalizing cannabis could be the solution to America's social, economic, and even some foreign problems.

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This makes American marijuana unique which could help destroy the illegal foreign drug trade.Legalization would also ease the restrictions on research so that more scientific studies on the subject would be allowed to be conducted, leading to better understanding of its long-term health benefits and limitations as a medical prescription.Cannabis is such large and profitable industry that legalization could boost the economy and create American jobs.Photo credit, not to mention, it smells better, too.Using filters are a matter of preference for smokers, but there are benefits to using joint tips.In 1970, the US Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act because they considered it to have "no accepted medical use." Since then, 29 of 50 US states and DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana.Not only does it alleviate cramps, but also headaches and breast tenderness.

Marijuana has medicinal properties that greatly relieve many patients' pain and suffering related to serious and terminal illnesses.High Times, a magazine publication advocating the legalization of cannabis, recently"d.Former DEA intelligence specialist Sean Dunagan told Vice News that a national legal cannabis market will negatively impact drug cartels' profits so much that cannabis won't be "a viable business for the Mexican cartels the same way bootleggers disappeared after prohibition fell." Another study.In 2012, a study by the Mexican Competitiveness Institute found that legalization would take market profits away from cartel businesses.There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies that can confirm that cannabis kills cancer cells in more ways than one, from halting metastasis to triggering cell suicide.Depending on your views you either see America's economy as bad, or really bad.So why pot remains illegal in several states is just absurd, to say the least.Hemp is used in many foods, including salad dressings, nutrition bars and chips.If your state is nowhere near legalization, then vote for pro-legalization candidates.Here are three reasons why medical cannabis should be legalized.

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