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Of Oakland, CA gave 10 to a GoFundMe fundraiser for a man who was beaten because he is gay David.Of Averill Park, NY gave 10.Billys Bud will be legal in the UK and available for purchase worldwide.Of Chapel Hill, NC gave 20 to a friend in need Bill.Of Bloomington, IN gave 10 to the Red Cross Dorothy.Of Woodstock, GA gave 25 to the Murphy-Harpst Children's Center Mark.Of Westminster, CA gave 10 to the Red Cross Kate.Of Groton MA gave.

Of Canterbury, NH gave 23 to Granite State Independent Living Christy.Of Edgewood, KY gave 20 to the Kenton County Paw Park Tyler.Of London, England gave 20 (Au) to a blind Aborigine on the streets of Alice Springs Bill of Concord, MA gave 50 to Amnesty International Lauren.Of Durham, NC gave 50 to seeds Sarah.Of Athens, Greece gave 40 to various homeless people in Athens Rudi.

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Of Seattle, WA gave 5 to Worldbuilders Nicole.Of North Carolina gave 50 to Shiba Inu Rescue Catherine.Of Boston, MA gave 30 to Grolier Poetry Foundation Harold.Daniel of Bratislava, Slovakia gave 100 to A4 Cultural Association Clark.Of Landshut, Germany gave 50 to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for Food for West Africa Kerry.Of Baltimore, MD gave 100."Billy tried it for eight months, supervised by a medical doctor, it took a while but it worked Ms Caldwell said.

Of Chicago gave 50 to various charities.Of Brooklyn, NY gave 50 to Planned Parenthood Nicole.Relay for Life, tammy.Of Lisbon, Portugal gave 10 to Unio Zoófila Josh.Of Ottawa, ON gave 25 to Muscular Dystrophy Canada Kar-Hin Li of the UK gave 5 to Movember Nichole.Of Tallahassee, FL gave 160 to National Public Radio Sharon.Of Lawrence, MA gave 100 to Children's Hospital, Boston Cynthia.Of Canberra, Australia gave 20 to the Red Cross Dana.Of Baltimore, MD gave 30 to a family raising money to foster a child Jennifer.

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