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This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones.Step 3 - Determine The Type Of Grass Based on Appearance.Step 2 - Determine The Amount of Money, Time, Effort The Type of Lawn Usage You Desire.Read more about this prize-winning book.The 'look' or appearance of the grass type is important as well the intended usage.Princess 77 produces a dense, green turf that is comparable to the traditional vegetative or Bermuda grass sod varieties, but the establishment costs are much less than installing sod!Calendar AG-381, university of Georgia CES: ml, hAVE lawn questions YOU need answered?Newer improved vegetative forage Bermudas (hybrid sprigged varieties) are usually planted primarily for hay production.Water four to eight (depending upon sandiness) inches deep at the time to establish a deeper root system because centipede is not as drought tolerant as some other grasses.

By learning some basic knowledge, along with investigating what types of grass or alternative grass grows successfully in your area, you can select the correct type of grass and plant it by either seeding, sodding, sprigging or plugging your new lawn, pasture or sports grass.Sahara Bermuda Grass is probably the most popular variety sold due to it's improvement over common and it's economical price.The improved common varieties such as Sahara II Bermuda Grass are good choices for use in lawns (pastures too!) and are easily seeded and cheaper than expensive sod or sprigging types.You will determine this by examining the transition zone map in conjunction with the other maps we have provided.Once a  year weed-n-feed program kills the few weeds that might emerge and feeds enough  for the year.As long as it  doesn't get mown too short between times  Read our.Centipede is not responsive to high rates of fertilizers. .Be sure and visit m for your grass seed or alternative grass needs.

It makes an excellent dense turf that can be mowed low for a golf course 'green' type look or kept maintained at higher heights for a denser fairway look as seen in this picture here at the right.Hybrid varieties such as Tifgreen, Tifton 419, and Tifway and many more varieties are sodded or sprigged on golf courses and for commercial sports and lawns.Newer, more "cold tolerant" Bermuda Grass Seed varieties extend the Bermuda grass planting area further North allowing the choice of a more drought resistant species in the transition zone.Finding the right grass seed or grass seed mixture is an important step in planting and obtaining a great lawn.Excessive thatch causing cold damage to roots.To grow these hybrids at lower heights requires an extraordinary maintenance schedule.Here again we have a 'sod' quality Bermuda Grass grown from seed!

Bermuda grass has a medium to fine texture.Can be mown closely - 1/2 to 3/4 inch mowing heights for some varieties Forms a dense turf, goes into dormancy when temperatures drop below 60 and greens up fast when temperatures rise.Chelated or ferrous sulfate is recommended for improving the iron deficiency - Also balancing the pH to a more acidic level can help. .Managers must also be knowledgeable concerning frequent fertilization schedules, over-seeding management techniques, utilization of intense mowing schedules for shorter mowing heights than most lawns, plus accurate irrigation and drying procedures.You can compare the seeded varieties to the hybrid "vegetative" planted varieties at ntep.2) Do NOT mow low - Centipede mowed lowed becomes stressed out and thuse tend to have  problems or even die out.Characteristics of Blackjack Bermuda grass are - a deep green color, carpet like density, extra cold tolerance, super fine texture, superior seedling vigor, and good shade, drought, and traffic tolerance.Another excellent and very popular professional turf type blend of 3 improved Bermuda grass seed varieties sold for home lawn and golf course applications is the popular.It is used for both professional sports fields (2005 super Bowl!) and for high end commercial / home lawns or anywhere a premium Bermuda Grass is desired.Deep roots make the grass very drought resistant with the plus that it can be flooded for short lengths of time and fully recover.

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