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A large number of secret actions and army field operations against narco-cartels did not result in the desired success.The Opium Wars, in China, opium use was at first confined to the elite.The effect of tolerance means that drug dosing may have to be increased if it is for a chronic disease this is where the no ceiling limit of the drug comes into play."The Balkan Route" involves different branch routes, some of them - via the Kosovo territory.This figure includes 144 million consuming cannabis, 29 million people consuming amphetamine type stimulants, 14 million people taking cocaine and 13 million people abusing opiates and 9 million of whom were addicted to heroin.The opposite is true.But these figures went up dramatically along with the increased flow of working immigrants of the local inhabitants to Europe.

Drug seizures are very often associated with small arms confiscations; this fact also stresses the very real social danger of drug-addiction.We will also concentrate on the issues and new tasks, that have arisen on the basis of these results.Literally translated, teonanacatal means "God's flesh an indication of its revered status in Indian culture.From the "mules"- "swallowers" - the individual couriers, mainly citizens of countries with a very low level of income and living standards (Zimbabwe, Nigeria).The bandits raids had been paid by the narco-mafia.The attempts of inmates in the concealed drugs hand over have been repeatedly reported in prisons.Drugs' trafficking is a death-dealing but fabulously profitable business.This local war resulted in dozens of victims from both sides and the loss of millions dollars.Coca leafs, opium poppy, cannabis and their derivates, cocaine, heroine, and LSD - these are some of the most familiar drugs known to society.The widespread drug-trafficking network involves the Balkan region - the so-called "Balkan route" is one of the main international routes of narco-smuggling.

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Some experts expressed their strong opinion that the real figure is much higher.In countries with a strong governmental power, who undertake active drug-control measures, the narco-business uses tools of the ethnical breakage and separation and local separatists trends.The "world criminal N1" - Osama-bin-Laden used opium and heroin as a source of funds to pay for the bloody actions of "Al-Kaida".This hampers all kinds of "inside" operative activity and investigation Learning objective #2: affect of narco-business on the social and political development.Opioids, while very effective analgesics, may have some unpleasant side-effects.

Almost 500 tons of heroin could be produced from this raw material!Learning Objectives, at the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to: - Know the basic historical data about drugs and the links to drugs problems."The Balkan route" and Kosovo There are 3 main directions of "narco-import" into Kosovo: - Macedonia-Kosovo-Montenegro (Gilane-Peja) - Albania-Kosovo-Montenegro (Prizren-Peja) - Serbia-Kosovo Kosovo-Serbia The estimated number of drug-addicts before 1989 was relatively low.In choosing analgesia, the severity and response to other medication determines the choice of agent; the WHO pain ladder, originally developed in cancer -related pain, is widely applied to find suitable drugs in a stepwise manner.The decisions of the Chinese Imperator to cut off further opium trading caused the dramatic loss of British narco-bargainers benefits, this resulted in the First Opium War.Consideration of the medical problems, - drugs consumption by injection is strongly associated with the wide and rapid spreading of hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases, especially aids.The most publicized hallucinogenic drug today is LSD (lysergic acid diethyl amide which is derived from a chemical found in morning glory seeds.

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