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Reinforced-concrete poles

Reinforced-concrete poles are the basic element of a prefabricated system. They are custom-made on the basis of the project documentation.

Their shape variability facilitates connection with other elements of the skeleton. A pole may have the maximum cross-section 0.8/1.3 m and the maximum length of 24 m. As far as cross-sectional shapes are concerned, you may select from a square, rectangular, octagonal or variable shape.

Poles may have any number of brackets depending on the structure requirements. Brackets may be situated in various heights of a pole.

Standard connectors intended for connection of masonry, sandwich panels and other structures may be built in poles. Poles have a smooth surface finish also suitable for the final interior design.

Poles may be delivered with concreted foundation footings which allow the structure to be erected in greater speed. 

Size and weight limits of manufacture:

  • Maximum height of a pole: 24 m
  • Maximum cross-section dimensions of a pole: 0.8/1.3 m
  • Maximum weight: 25 t


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