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Open reinforced-concrete skeleton system

The basic supporting system is a reinforced-concrete skeleton, consisting of continuous poles with brackets and simply mounted girders or semi-girders. As a variant, the supporting system may be placed on external supporting walls consisting of one or more layers (sandwich ones). Reinforcement in the vertical direction may be provided in the form of straining pieces, tie walls or beam tie reinforcement.

The supporting system is open
in terms of loading and modular arrangement. It is suitable for public facilities, such as schools, health centres and shopping centre, as well as for offices, light industrial and storage buildings and garages.

Forming equipment allows high conformity with the shape required by an architect, while observing the static parameters of the structure.

A simple solution of contacts between individual elements of the skeleton results in fast erection with complete elimination of welding, if possible.

The material used for building components – superior concrete classes - B 35, B 45 and B 55 and steel class R 10505 or BST IV – is a precondition for a less robust structure resulting in material savings and reduction in costs. Our Department of Construction Engineering will advise and elaborate the design, if required.

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